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Welcome to Aumic Engineering

Aumic Engineering is a CNC Lathe and Milling machining company based on the East Rand, that prides itself with delivering high precision parts, on time deliveries and competitive pricing to their valued customers. With our highly skilled technical staff and ISO standards all our work carries a guarantee! At Aumic Engineering we strive for Precision Perfection!

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Our Versatile Workshop

Our workshop setup, coupled with the wide range of machinery, doesn’t only boast some of the latest technology the market has to offer but the skilled staff operating them allows us to produce better products in shorter time frames for you.

Precision Engineering
4th axis work

This includes CNC Turning and CNC Milling.Our machinery includes 2 x CNC Lathes & 2x CNC Machining Centers. All types of production machining welcome. We have discount structures in place for volume machining.

Roller Machining
& Manufacturing

Aumic Cement Truck support rollers. Aumic manufactures Rollers with the new S-2 design making it a fully sealed roller targeting the needs of the Cement Truck Industry .


Aumic Engineering can assist various industries with prototype manufacturing all the way from concept drawings, designing, 3D Printing to manufacturing and Injection Moulding

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Aumic Engineering has launched its very own state of the art manufacturing & fabrication facility that can produce some of the most renowned products. We also boast a nationwide delivery network to get your goods delivered.

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